We are VFuel, a small team making a big difference. We aim to bring the benefits of vegan protein to everyone, regardless of your lifestyle or fitness goals. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals through a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, and to provide an affordable yet high quality supplement. Our brand is driven by the same values that drive our lifestyle:

Affordable - Make our products non-exclusive and accessible to anyone who wants to try a vegan lifestyle.

Quality - Deliver the best tasting product from the best people using the best ingredients.

Ethical - We live our lives and run our business making sure that everything we do we do for the right reasons.

Sustainable - We know we have a duty to take care of our environment and make sure that we show that in everything we do, including our fitness goals.

Passion - We are passionate about providing the best products to help fuel your lifestyle.
Why pick us over the big corporate suppliers? Simple - we are 100% Vegan friendly who really care about each and every person who uses our tasty protein supplements. We strive to use the best natural ingredients, sourced from the UK which we provide to our fans at the fairest price. We aren't here to make huge sums of money, we want to make small difference to people's everyday lives; helping them fuel themselves to be the best that they can be. Plus, we love animals and want to make sure we are thinking of them too :).
Who is VFuel:
James  - York Uni graduate and long term funemployment enthusiast, James is the idea man. While travelling in Australia James developed a passion for sustainable living through food and exercise which inspired the idea for VFuel.
Connor  - The nerd of the organisation, Connor makes sense of the ideas and helps to implement them. Originally from America he somehow ended up in Dundee and is, like you, using VFuel to help fuel his fitness journey.